I and II
$275.00 Per Session
9:00 A.M. - Noon
3 Years Old: Must be potty trained and turn 3 by June

NATURE & ART:Eric Carle’s  Animals & Nature

Session I: Eric Carle: Animals and Nature - Part 1



Session II: Eric Carle: Animals and Nature - Part 2


6 weeks of activities, so why not sign up for all 6 weeks! Three-year-old campers will explore art, science and literature activities based on the classic stories of beloved author Eric Carle. Watch as we “bring alive” some of his most celebrated stories. Reading Carle’s 10 Little Rubber Ducks will find us decorating our own ducks and floating them in canals we’ve dug on our playground. We’ll experiment with sink/float activities and create our own “ocean waves” in a bottle. And what fun it will be painting our own caterpillar as we play with plastic insects and dirt in our messy table after reading The Hungry Caterpillar! Jenni Torres and Shannon Polk, both from Chaparral Christian Preschool are scheduled for Session 1. Session 2 is led by Cilla Neri from Chaparral Christian and Chelsey Boyle, Chaparral Christian substitute teacher. Jenni, Shannon and Cilla are degreed and have several years’ experience with children.  Chelsey is currently working on her degree and helping when needed at Chaparral. We are excited to have Jenni, Shannon and Chelsey returning to camp and welcome Cilla!