I & II
Session I $190.00 | Session II $180.00
1:00 - 3:00 P.M. 
5 & 6


Session I & II will discover, by using hands-on art experiences, the styles of well-known American and International Modern artists. Each day a different experience presents a brief biography with full color artwork and techniques covering painting, drawing, textiles, printmaking, clay sculpture and more! We will create art pieces using a variety of art processes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's famous dessert paintings, Romero Britto's colorful pop art and cubism sculptures and paintings, Andy Warhol's pop art prints, Roy Lichtenstein's comic book pop art portraits, and Claes Oldenburg's large scale food sculptures as well as the Elements of Art- line, color, pattern and much more! Each session is different. Literature, science, music and experimenting with a variety of messy mixtures are all part of this exciting and engaging camp. Alison Krystek is a veteran teacher in the Deer Valley School district, currently teaching her 11th year of art as a K-6 Visual Arts teacher at Highland Lakes School. She has a bachelor's in Art Education from N.A.U. and has a passion for inspiring creative confidence in young learners through silly songs, fun techniques and messy artmaking.