II Only
$250.00 (2 Weeks, M-F)
9:00 A.M. - Noon
5 & 6


Construction Zone is a camp for kindergarten and first graders who want to build, explore and create using a wide variety of materials you might find around your home, garage, local hardware store and out in nature. We will be creating with boxes, plastic pipes, wood, pool noodles, construction tape, nuts, bolts, nails, tools and art materials. Inquisitive minds will explore gadgets and other objects to see how they work by disassembling and putting them back together again. There will be open-ended art activities for the children to use their imaginations to their fullest potential. There will also be time for dramatic play, water table activities and outdoor fun. Veteran teacher Jane Walters has taught 2nd grade and is a current Pre-K teacher at PVUMC preschool.  Bernie Rierson taught  Pre-K at Sequoya Elementary for several years before joining us at camp.