I Only
Session I $300.00 (3 weeks, M-Th)
9:00A.M. - Noon
5 & 6

Creepy Crawlies: a S.T.E.A.M Approach To Things That CREEP

You’ll split your time between exploring the world of things that creep and cooking up some yummy bug bait or worm grub. Part of your day will be spent looking at insects, worms, hermit crab and other creepy crawlies as you create habitats with blocks, rocks, sand and dirt. You might have to figure out what kind of maze Hermie will want to exercise in as you build with magna-tiles on a large oil pan. Wonder whether worms like dark or light? Or wet or dry places to live? Investigating, hypothesizing, and team work are needed to create homes for these special animals that creep! You may also create some yummy “bug bait” and study these critters, their life cycle and read some “buggy” books for fun.  Sari Shanks, 4’s teacher from Chaparral Christian Preschool is the lead for this camp full of exploration, problem solving and fun!