I & II
Session I $300.00 | Session II $250.00  
9:00AM - Noon
5 & 6


Five weeks of activities. This class will discover, by using hands-on art experiences, the styles of great American masters from the colonial times to the present.  Each day each activity presents a biography with full color art work and techniques covering painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, clay shaping and much more!! We’ll create art pieces using the art processes of Louis Tiffany/Stain glass windows, Dale Chuly/Pool spheres, Grant Wood/Gothic paste-up, Gutzon Borglum/Carved clay blocks and Andy Warhol/Package design Pop art and more! Each session is different. Science, literature, music and making interesting mixtures to explore are part of this very messy camp.   Karen Bakken is one of our resident artists. She has a bachelor’s in education degree and has taught several years at PVUMC preschool as well as  offering after school enrichment art programs.