I & II
$275.00 Per Session
9:00 A.M. - Noon
5 & 6


If you love mess (and clean up, of course) this is the camp for you.  Each day we will begin with a group demonstration of some unbelievable experiment—then we’ll break into small groups where each of you will get to mix your own ingredients and watch what happens! We’ll make goop and playdough and make volcanoes explode and discover how mixtures can be both solids and liquids almost at the same time.  Watch out for that slime! We will create our own lava lamps and record what happens when you pour water, oil, and food coloring together and then add salt. We’ll also cook a little, too, blending mixtures to bake some yummy pretzels and some homemade ice cream! Yum! We’ll make crystals and experiment with different playdough. Whoa! This is going to be a very messy class.  Please join Lisa Domini (kindergarten Hopi Elementary teacher) and Karen Van Lake (5th grade at Tavan Elementary) as they come unglued in this very hands-on young science program.