9:00 A.M. - Noon
5 & 6

Wild Wild West

This camp will explore Arizona through our colorful book characters of Purple Horse and Little Red Pig. Get ready to celebrate with bright, captivating art projects, crazy cowboy outings like panning for gold with authentic panning trays and rustling up some grub at our very own cookout down under in the amphitheater. Hey!  Watch out for those critters that could be down there! We’ll learn a lot about our very own historical Wild, Wild West as we find ourselves emersed in the adventures of Purple Horse and the Little Red Pig. Lots of dramatic play and fun! Why not join us, as we learn what it is to live in a desert during the days of the Wild West! A little science will be added as we  explore the Bone Box from Arizona Fish and Game that is filled with Arizona animal furs and skeletons. Teacher Bernie Rierson is a cowgirl herself, participating in western horse shows a while back and she and Teacher Jane Walters were teachers of our popular Construction Zone camp for several years. Jane is also a pre-k teacher at PVUMC preschool. Come and join these gals for a bucket of fun!