II  Only
9:00A.M. - Noon

2nd - 6th

InVENTION Tinkering




Creative designs for children with active minds. We will be using a variety of open-ended reusable and recyclable items to create new and different structures, vehicles, inventions and anything else children can imagine. This kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking helps brains grow in new ways. Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Campers will design and build a vehicle with wheels they must create from loose parts, build a bridge that is a certain length and width that will support a certain amount of weight and. as a group project, construct a community. Brainstorming as a team, they will decide what does a community need to succeed.  Our campers might build geometric shapes that will survive being dropped from a certain height and create musical instruments that make sound.  Teacher Joy Funk will challenge your children to use wood, tiles, plastic, cardboard and many other items obtained from a local non-profit that provide art and construction materials, to use their creative ingenuity to this camp to construct and build whatever they dream. Donations of Recycling materials always welcomed. Joy Funk, a veteran award-winning teacher from SUSD, will be heading this very creative, problem solving camp!