II  Only
$275.00 Per Session
9:00A.M. - Noon

2nd - 6th

Mission Impossible: Challenges



Do you know what it takes to be a special agent? Are you a camper who loves action!  In the time that we have together we will train to take on the most difficult and challenging missions ever! Special Agents in Training will learn to develop a strong plan and tactical maneuvers to complete a variety of speed, balance, endurance, and problem-solving missions. Cooperation and team work are essential to be successful in this camp. We will be offering both team and individual challenges, all activities are presented with a “challenge by choice” philosophy. Are you strong, smart, creative and enthusiastic? If so, this is the perfect camp for you! Come join the fun and learn many life lessons along the way. Problem solving and challenging ourselves is what it’s all about. Ryan and Sophia Myers, NAU graduates will be leading the camp and designing the curriculum. Ryan is a professional team builder and Sophia is an elementary teacher with the Creighton School District.