I & II
Session I $325.00 | Session II $300.00
9:00 A.M. - Noon

2nd - 6th


Science discovery is fun and full of adventure as we explore our surroundings. Watch for the unexpected. Learn to think like a scientist. What inventions can we create! Let’s make our alka seltzer rockets explode…Do you enjoy developing animal habitats? How can we make an earthworm feel comfortable in a new home? Hey, what about creating tornados in a bottle or making volcanoes erupt. We will play with magnets and make ice cream from scratch. We will examine skeletons of Arizona wildlife and learn how to tell the difference between a carnivore and herbivore just by examining its teeth. Or by looking at its eye sockets, we will know whether it was prey or the predator.  Examine a real fish, identify its parts, and reflect how he lived. We will also examine and dissect a real “cooked” octopus! Collect and identify rocks and view an old miner’s collection too. We’ll be looking at collections of “stuff’ and becoming inventors ourselves as we “brainstorm” and put our collective minds together. Who knows what will develop!!  Former high school science and prek teacher, Sally Marsh, is our own Miss Frizzle. Barb Porter, from La Casa Preschool, will be joining her in this very hands-on-science camp.