II Only
$170.00 Per Session
1:00 - 3:00 P.M.  

2nd - 6th

Shark Tank: Buy, Sell & Trade

This camp is like one big, competitive Monopoly game. Each student would be able to make individual and group investments (with fake money) throughout the camp in everything from an M & M and Potato Chip factories, to horse ranches, to cars and real estate. Their primary goal as individual investors and team investors is to make the most money. How they learn to make the most money is by learning basic investment principles. On the last day, campers will put their principles learned to work as they set up a real-life merchandise market where their wares will be on display for purchase. Head investor leaders are Ryan and Sophia Myers. Ryan is a professional team builder and Sophia is an elementary school teacher in the Creighton School District.